Capture Value Creation’s ("CVC") mission is to provide advanced project management consultancy in the fields of Energy, Infrastructure & Biotechnologies with a specific focus on advanced eco-sustainable technologies pertaining to bio-energy, bio-polymers, bio-pharmaceuticals & health foods projects.


CVC India Infrastructure Private Limited and sister organization CVC India Infrastructure Pte Ltd (CVC) are both promoted by Ambience Management Services Pvt Ltd., with Interpres Internazionale Srl joining the Promoter Group.

Interpres Internazionale Srl, is an Italian Financial Advisory & Management Consultancy Firm that has business focus in the energy has business focus in the energy industry (Oil & Gas, Biomass, Cogeneration, etc.). The Founder of Interpres has significant domain competences & knowledge of evolving markets in Hydrocarbon Sector, through positions held as Vice President Federprogetti (Federation of Italian Infrastructure, Energy & Industrial Companies) & President of ANISGEA (National Association for Water, Gas, Energy services).



Ambience is a specialist company in the Energy sector and was Indian JVC partner of Ansaldo Energia SpA (1994 to 2002), which built Coal, Lignite & Gas fired Power Plants. Ambience played a pioneering role in the Indian Bioenergy sector, promoting the World’s 1st low density crop residues fired Biomass Power Plant, which also delivered the world’s 1st Gold Standard CER’s, and catalyzing growth of for Advanced Bio-fuels/Biogas Projects in India. Ambience Founder has significant domain competences in Energy & Infrastructure Sectors, having over 3 decades experience in Top Management of Corporates having JV's with EU majors, viz Merlin Gerin, Snamprogetti/Saipen, Technip, Mannesmann Group, Ansaldo, Envitec Biogas Ag, etc.,






Meraclus Global is a joint venture between Tier 1 Network and TUYA, creating a health and environment-first company based out of Dubai, that is focused on internal wellness and external aesthetics, tied together through a strong commitment to innovation, creativity and the smallholder farmer community, all being accomplished through use of "green", eco-sustainable technology to develop disruptive products within the ambit of "circular" economy. Meraclus Global is using a multi-pronged approach when addressing health, social, agricultural and environmental concerns.

Website: TBC


Tier 1 Network is made up of four interconnected business units, all linked to farming and the focus is to source at least 50% of the farm produce, grown by smallholder farmers. The business units include growing, value-added agri-processing and clean extraction, traceability software solutions using block chain as a pro-tocol and digital farm operations, and creating and producing wellness and nutrition formulations through its joint venture with its strategic partner TUYA Pvt. Ltd., for preventative health, to serve the consumers of the future.

Website: TBC


TUYA, is a sustainable technology and product innovation company and (through sister company, APRUS Bio-medical Innovations) is in science-based, forward-facing advanced wound care devices. TUYA’s US based sister companies, Hyacinth Natural Products is in innovative functional foods, cosmeceutical and consumer products and PARI Biomedical, LLC, is a strategic management and consulting company.



A.) Advanced Technology BIo-Fuels & Bio-Polymers

BIO-PLASTICS: Eco-friendly, Bio-sustainable, Circular

WHY?: Global Expansion of Bioplastics Uses


CVC developed portfolio of Farm Waste based Cellulosic Ethanol Projects (60,000 tons/annum) having Technology Partnership with Beta Renewables, Biochemtex SpA & Chemtex. CVC also developed Biomethane Projects (8 to 32 million cum/year) having Technology Partnership with RKE Renewables BV & their Japanese Shareholders Rematec.

B.) 60,000 Tons / Annum PLA (Polylactic Acid) Project in the State of Gujarat, India

HOW?: The PLA Production Process

FOR? High-Value Markets for PLA Products

C.) 10,000 Tonnes / annum PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanotes) Project in state of Gujarat, India

HOW?: The PHA Production Process

FOR?: High-Value Markets for PHA Products


D.) Farm-Linked Bio-Economy & Food Processing Projects in the States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Meghalaya, India




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