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CVC Business activities relate to advanced Bio-technologies and its primary business focus is 2nd Generation Bio-Refineries.




CVC India Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd: and sister organization CVC India Infrastructure Pte Ltd.(CVC) are both promoted by Interpres Internazionale Srl and Ambience Management Services Pvt. Ltd.,


Interpres Internazionale Srl, is an Italian Financial Advisory & Management Consultancy Firm that has business focus in the energy industry (Oil & Gas, Biomass, Cogeneration, etc).  The Founder of Interpres is well connected with EU Energy majors, in his capacity as Vice Presiden Federprogetti (Federation of Italian Infrastructure, Energy & Industrial Companies) & President of ANISGEA (National Association for Water, Gas, Energy services).


Ambience is a specialist company in the Energy sector and was Indian JVC partner of Ansaldo Energia SpA (1994 to 2002), which built Coal, Lignite & Gas fired Power Plants for NTPC, NLC/GMDC, BSS, etc. Ambience played a pioneering role in the Indian Bioenergy sector, viz partnering I.I.Sc (through Netpro Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd.,) in industrializing Biomass Gasifier technology (1994 to 1998), promoting the World's 1st low density crop residues fired Biomass Power Plant based on the Rankine Cycle (commissioned in 2001), which also delivered the world's 1st Gold Standard CER's

2nd Generation Biorefinery - Feedstock of Agriculture Residues




(a)  Beta Renewables & Biochemtex: Beta Renewables is Joint Venture Company between Biochemtex (belonging to the Massi & Ghisolfi Group) and Texas Pacific Group, with a capital of 250 million dollars.  Novozymes in 2012 acquired 10% of Beta Renewables equity.


Chemtex was founded in 1947 and is a global technology and engineering solution provider.  In 2004, Chemtex was acquired by the Mossi Ghisolfi Group.  The Company has operations in Wilmington, NC in the USA, Beijing & Shanghai in the People's Republic of China and Bangalore in India.


The Joint Venture owns PROESA, the technology for production of cellulosic ethanol from feedstock of ligno cellulosic matter, viz. agriculture residues (rice/wheat straw, bagasse/cane trash, corn stovers/corn cobs, cotton stalks, etc.) & energy crops (grasses, tree plantations, etc).  Beta Renewables built the World's 1st Commercial Scale Bio Ethanol plant, in 2013, at Crescentino, Italy.


(b)    Novozymes: Novozymes (NZ) is the world market leader in industrial enzymes and microorganisms.  It was founded almost 100 years ago and 'The Global 100 List' ranked it to be around for another 100 years due to its high innovation culture.  More than 700 NZ products are used in 130 different countries in more than 30 different industrial segments.  NZ has annual sales of EUR 1.5 billion and 14% of its revenue is invested in R&D, resulting in more than 6,500 granted patents/pending patent applications.  Enzymes constitutes more than 90% of its turnover and Novozymes has more than 6,000 employees.




Beta Renewable is the only Cellulosic Ethanol Plant builder, in the world, to have empirical data or more than one year's Commercial Operations of similar rated Cellulosic Ethanol Plant, with feedstock of rice/wheat straw and giant reed grass.  In addition, 65,000 tons/annum Cellulosic Ethanol Plant has been Commissioned in Alagos, Brazil, during October, 2014 with feedstock of Bagasse/Cane trash & energy cane.  Additional Plants under Engineering/Construction, in EU, USA & China, based on Beta Renewables technology, total up to more than 650,000 tons/annum Cellulosic Ethanol.


Novozymes has proven capabilities to manufacture and supply enzymes for Cellulosic Ethanol projects with feedstock of paddy/wheat straw, sugar cane trash/bagasse, corn cobs/stovers, napier grass/arundo donax (giant reed grass), cotton stalks, castor stalks, poplar/eucalyptus, palm date, etc.  Novozymes is the supplier of enzymes for 4 out of 5 commissioned commercial scale Cellulosic Ethanol plants in the world, which is testimony to its leadership position in this sector.




Bio Ethanol & Pellets + (fuel for Captive Cogeneration Plant & Compost)